Quantum Egg Theatre Company

Radical, queer, groundbreaking theatre, trans and neurodivergent-led. Manchester, UK


Quantum Egg is a small theatre and podcasting company based in Manchester. We are a group of artists passionate about wellbeing, community, and making art that reflects us.We make art that is Queer with a capital ‘Q’: Weird, radical, groundbreaking, and in direct opposition to the status quo. For us, this means creative freedom for writers whose voices are not upheld unless they fit the mould to make whatever they like: any genre, any voice, any form. We are especially passionate about exploring the possibilities of genre-based stories on stage and through audio.We believe that artists should feel safe, heard and respected in the creative industries. We operate in an accessible, trauma-informed and transparent way, and strive to break down the hierarchies that often lead to unsafe working practices. We will never ask for artists to use their trauma to turn a profit, instead encouraging a more positive, creative approach to building narratives.While we want to engage with anyone with a great idea, we are transgender and neurodivergent-led, which heavily informs our approach to storytelling. We are especially passionate about encouraging the voices of groups most at risk in the UK today. We want to build future theatre-makers up and support them through their first steps into the industry.We’re just getting started - so watch this space.Artist Testimonials:"The company strive to be compassionate, caring and appreciative throughout the entire process. I felt very safe, and treated incredibly fairly.""I have never been apart of a company that cared about my well being so much. I felt supported and valued.""Everybody was treated respectfully and checked on regularly when appropriate. The atmosphere was fun, and supportive.""The whole Quantum Egg team was so accommodating: providing lunch, being so welcoming/kind and being advocates for a safe space through out."


Creativity is fundamental to mental well-being.For some, the time and space to make art is the difference between life and death. We want to provide that space without the pressure, and especially to use the skills and knowledge we have to make a difference to people’s wellbeing.Building community is essential for meaningful change.
As trans people, for many our community is our family. Building a community is essential to make real change and build solidarity across our intersections with other minority groups.
Theatre should always be accessible.
Anyone should be able to access theatre, regardless of disability, class, financial situation or background. Although many theatres and spaces have yet to update and become fully accessible, we will help to drive the change through making sure our rehearsal processes and performances are accessible, as well as exploring the possibilities of audio drama.
Transparency and fairness in all our working practices.
Our open doors policy is part of our commitment to integrity and development. We recognise that we are not perfect, and there is a lot we have to learn, and we constantly invite feedback and evaluation at every stage of our process.
Our doors are always open to emerging artists.
As emerging artists ourselves, we are keen to build community and networks between emerging creatives, and to offer whatever advice and support we can to meaningfully improve their craft.

Our Mission:
Provide emerging theatre-makers with artistic development, mentorship and networking opportunities.
Make an impact on mental health and wellbeing through improving community ties.Promoting creativity as a way to well-being.Programme and produce weird, innovative, groundbreaking work.Platforming genre theatre.Telling stories that don’t get told.Creating a safe space to experiment, try and fail without judgement.Our Vision:A rich fringe theatre scene where any budding theatre-maker has access to the tools and support they need to make their art.


An anthology night of science fiction stories for stage!

What is left when the world is dominated by wealthy tech moguls?
How would you react to a live Turing test?
Would you take a pill that could change your race?
These are some of the questions posed in Algorithm, a science fiction anthology debuting seven new, innovative plays which seek to expose, shock and question.But in the realm of science fiction, is the real world ever far away?Algorithm was a science-fiction anthology night at Salford Arts Theatre. The works were picked from over 150 submissions, and given a full production.Plays
Body Work by Anna Myrmus
The Switch by Russell Nichols
Going In by Kati Frazier
UNGRIT by Niamh Buckland
Space Tomato by Wendy Haines
Glass House by Samuel Edney
Blackpilled by Alex Beige


Quantum Egg is a small team currently run by passionate volunteers. Every penny we raise will go towards paying artists and making our performances as good as they can be.If you want to support us, for the price of a cup of coffee you could fund the performances, workshops and charity events we want to deliver!


Whether you're an emerging writer, director, actor, designer or facilitator, we want to hear from you!
Email us at [email protected] and let's start a conversation.